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Tuesday, 3 June 2008


What is going on with all this under age drinking business? Young people have always supped a few beers before they’re legally old enough, nothing new there! Anyone remember those half cans of Harp lager? I drank a few of those before turning 18, but there was more alcohol in a winos piss than one of those. So maybe that’s one of the problems; stronger lager. Then there’s things like alco-pops, never had them in my day, cheap and plentiful supermarket deals on alcohol, never had that. I seem to remember most pubs had an off licence part attached to them and there was more control over the sale of alcohol. The government are now talking of guidelines for parents about when to introduce your children to alcohol, in order to tackle the binge drinking culture and introduce a continental culture of drinking were children are supervised. A bit fucking late if you ask me, should have done that years ago, before introducing the stronger continental lagers to the market. There are already cries of “nanny state” well if parents aren’t taking responsibility for the bringing up of their children, and it’s causing problems what do they expect? We are now in a situation were people have been given freedoms but taken no responsibility, and as a result these freedoms are now being attacked in order to find a solution to the problem. Ironically the solutions proposed to the problems today, were the problems of yesterday, when Thatcher and co felt that the state interfered in the individuals life’s too much; the solution was to free the market and free the individual. Great, no problem, well not for 25 years, then there's one big fucking problem, and I aint just talking about binge drinking. I dunno, it’s fucked up! Think I’ll go and get pissed and forget about it all.


Anonymous said...

I was always partial to a touch of the old Crucial Brew myself. Don’t see it around anymore. Probably for the best, lethal stuff.


Chris Ripple said...

This is a strange one as I will happily admit I (and my ex) let our 2 kids drink from the time they asked for one (about 7 & 5 respectively-wine with dinner).
Neither of them caused too much trouble.
Ok, they both got pissed occasionally when they were older but they both turned out better than ok and we never had any problems with either of them drinking.
Trouble is, that ain't the point, is it ?
This current lot are using it to get out of their faces and blot out reality whereas mine didn't use it for that, it was more a social thing.
You have to ask yourselves why it's being used as a reality distortion because therein lies the answer as to why they do it.
I'm sure about that.
Everything I used to do at that age seems to be currently legislated against. Everything my kids used to do (and more) ditto.
Is there any fun to be had as a child anymore that doesn't involve filling in forms and getting insurance and then getting it rubber stamped in triplicate when you just want to have some fun with your friends ?
They're bored and they are also being legislated against...
This makes them feel 'important' and so it's all out for shocking their elders.
Old hippies and old punks should be able to remember the same thing happening to them but with one crucial difference...
We could still do things we wanted to because the regulations were not yet in place to stop us.
Ok, you'd get pulled in occasionally because of the way you looked but that was just a minor inconvenience and part of the conscious lifestyle choice and was accepted within the society as just part of the game.
Now there is no game 'cos nobody is allowed to play.
In all honesty if I was their age I think I'd probably feel like them.

Marky Dread said...

I'll have half or maybe a party 7.

Nazz Nomad said...

Depressing times bring about two things:
alcoholism and violence.

i'm surpised we're not all walking around hammered 24/7

Chris Ripple said...

Hey Marky,
Wasn't a 'Party 7' one of those tastes like piss Watney Red Barrel things that you took to parties and could never open unless it sprayed all over everyone ?
Shit ! I was hoping that stuff was dead and buried, it was foul.
I knew there was a reason I turned to tequila...

Marky Dread said...

Sure was chris and yes they,ve been dead for years just showing my age and the difference in the drinking culture, nowadays everything is super strength or alcopops, if we had this shit when i was a teenager we would of been of our nuts every night and on the rampage too, too much blame is put on the kids and not enough responsibility is taken by the greedy fucking drinks industry, personaly i gave up all booze and have been tee-total for 4 years.