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Monday, 2 June 2008

LUNACY IS LEGEND (E.P) Featuring: Nikki Sudden, Times, The Necessitarians

If you enjoyed the What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen posts, I’m hoping yer gonna like this one, 5 tracks 3 of ’em Marc Bolan covers, courtesy of Nikki Sudden, Times and The Necessitarians, who also provide a couple of their own numbers. Nikki Suddens no stranger to this blog, so I aint gonna rant on about his genius etc, etc. Times are basically former Television Personalities Ed Ball, and The Necessitarians well I know nothing about ’em and the net only sheds light on the philosophy of Necessitarianism which is basically the belief that the natural world obeys the laws of nature and in some sense are necessary, so there you have it all very interesting but I have digressed, so back to this ‘ere music which was released on 12” vinyl by Barracuda Blue Records sometime around 1987/88 and that’s as much as I can tell yer, if you wanna check it out just click!


Anonymous said...

Nice post Nuzz, cheers.


planckzoo said...

Nice to see this posted. My brother owned this ep, but i never found one to purchase. It will be nice to hear again.
Nice so see you back Nuzz

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

A pleasure, good people.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I had the pleasure of putting out this 12" EP on my Barracuda Blue label, I am very proud that I got Nikki to release that fantastic version. Times was the mainman of Brighton band VENUS IN FURS (not TV Personalities), who I managed at the time, and who was a big Boley fan. The Necessitarians were also a local combo, also Bolan fans who played this badly live and as badly on the record - but in a great garage type way. I also did another 12" EP and a vinyl LP and double-cassette on Barracuda Blue. Checkout, if you wish, www.myspace/marcarscott.com

Anonymous said...

Ah! Should be www.myspace.com/marcarscott