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Thursday, 19 June 2008

UNTITLED (But I may think of one later)

How are we all doing? Suitably depressed and oppressed, with the economic meltdown and social clampdown that the media are telling us about on a daily basis. It’s a battle for our minds, one they cannot win. Don’t let ‘em scare you, ride the storm, cos one day they will reap the whirlwind. It’s that fear factor again, make ‘em scared and they’ll do and accept anything as a solution to the problem. I presume it’s the same for all of you good folks wherever you are; after all the British government are saying there’s not a lot they can do about the economy, cos it’s a global problem, and some of you have mentioned that you’ve been living with a lot more state control for a lot longer, such are the ways of a New World Order, it may not have been spoken about by political and economic leaders for a few years, they probably think we’ve forgotten about the term, but that’s where we are heading, and getting closer with every passing year, it’s why people like Bush aint keen on a united Europe, they want US to have A multi national, unilateral dominating force, an idea that the world can be controlled by the few, for the few at the expense of the many, this aint a new concept it’s something that the money people have been working towards throughout history. So where does that leave Britain; stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea with an island mentality. Europe or America? Either way our children will continue to die in their wars for their ends, not ours. The choice isn’t ours! That’s their big picture and all we get are snap shots, designed to take our eyes from the canvas, little stories in the press to divide us and get us fighting amongst ourselves, divide and rule, control and conquer, they’ve done it before, don’t let ’em do it again. Here in Britain, the cost of living is said to be as high as it was in the 1970’s, the last time there was a major economic and political crisis. I use the word crisis, but to some it’s an opportunity to push forward their world order from either Brussels or Washington, why is immigration such a contested issue, in a one world order there’s no need for borders, another tool to divide and rule. The media, politicians and assorted bullshitters are calling for ’economic restraint’, asking for the workers not to demand wage increases because cost of living is rising, they say it will make things worse. Worse! are they that bad anyway? Who’s word have we got for it? Yes prices are rising, there is a slump in housing market, still don’t stop politicians and fat corporate cunts, (oops a Freudian slip meant to say cats) awarding themselves above inflation pay rises, and then telling the workers not to. Workers have every right to ask for increased pay, but lets just look back to the 70’s when Unions were demanding pay rises; the workers were slated in the media for being greedy, holding the country to ransom, and it was on the back of this ‘strife’ that Margaret Thatcher came to power, she filled a vacuum in a country that had been divided . Is it greed and not need? and if people have to economise then it’s just a case of valuing what is important, what is necessary, people can go without ’life’s little luxuries’, I mean surely there’s no need for new consumer goods, everyone must have stocked up on the latest must have gadgets when they were maxing out on their credit cards, that would be fine if it was the same for everyone, but it aint. While the poor scrimp and safe their pennies, the rich consolidate and protect their wealth in gated communities watched by CCTVwith a hotline to security patrols, they sun themselves in luxury resorts while the rest of us burn in the heat they created. Well it’s time to turn the heat on them. Each and everyone of us needs to be questioning every little thing, we need to communicate with each other, in the canteen at work, on the bus, in yer neighbourhood down the pub, where ever people talk, we need to be there telling em how it really is. I’m sure there’s gonna be differences of opinion over something’s, Immigration immediately springs to mind, that’s divide and rule for yer, but that doesn’t mean there aint gonna be similarities over what pisses people off, and by talking about an issue such as immigration hopefully people will be able to see just what a ’white elephant’ it really is. So lets start talking to each other supporting each other, and questioning the shit they sell us as the truth, the more people talk the louder the voice becomes until it turns into a scream! Words are their weapon and words are our weapon, it’s just we need to take up arms, then we’ll be doing a lot better!

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Anonymous said...

Just on the economic side of things - I think there is a danger of us talking ourselves into a
recession. Or more to the point, the media talking us into one.
As far as I see it, an economic slowdown was inevitable. It was just a case of when and how it would come. Things could not go on like they were forever - House prices rising and rising each month, etc.

People do need to tighten there belts. A lot of workers who want pay claims cite their falling standard of living as a reason for wanting more money (Why does a tanker driver need forty grand a year?). But the thing is their standard of living has been a false reality for the latter part of a decade as many of them have borrowed hugely on the value of their homes to finance that giant plasma TV on the living room wall that impresses their friends so much.

Now it’s time for normal people to go back to living the normal (But still reasonably comfortable) lives they always have, and they don’t like it. As they see it, their standard of living is falling. It’s not, they should never have stretched themselves so far financially in the first place.
Or have been allowed to by the banks.