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Friday, 13 June 2008


A weeks a long time in politics, well so it appears is 24 hours. Since the debacle of the other nights vote when Gordon Brown showed scant regard for democracy on several levels and bullied and bribed the 42 day bill through parliament, the shadow home secretary David Davis has resigned. Well who would have fucking believed I’d be saying “respect” to any MP, let alone a Tory one, but If David Davis is prepared to stand up for his principles and show the courage of his convictions, who am I to knock him,especially as I have banged on about the same things. True he may well have other Machiavellian motivations, he is a politician after all, but at this present time the fact is he has resigned due to his dismay at the attitude towards civil liberties and the “slow strangulation of fundamental British Freedoms” His resignation means that there will be a by-election in his former constituency, and he has announced his intentions to stand on the anti 42 Days platform and use the by-election to debate the intrusive power of the state. The Liberal Democrats have already said that they wont field a candidate and contest the seat as they are in agreement with Davis over civil liberties and the 42 day issue, at this moment in time Labour haven’t said whether they will or wont. Thanks to Labours bed fellow Rupert Murdoch the media coverage over it all has been rather negative saying it is just a stunt and that it has/will divide the Conservative party, but I don’t see that, as the only MP of theirs to vote with the government was Anne Widicombe. Even if it does, I don’t really care, what I do care about is those in power giving a shit, standing up for their beliefs and having the courage of their convictions, which in my mind is what David Davis has done, this contrasts with my local MP Barbara Follet, who has banged on enough times in the past about Human Rights and her first husband being murdered by government forces in Apartheid South Africa, blah, blah, blah, then surprise, surprise she toes the party line over the 42 days just like she did over not lowering the abortion limit. What price for clean windows hey Babs?


Chris Ripple said...

Hey, remember Follett wasn't for the Iraq war and changed her mind when offered a job under B'liar ?
It was only when hubby Ken said that New Labour was useless/crap etc. that she got elbowed out.
That woman has about as much integrity as your average jackal but I suspect the jackals might object to the comparison if they could speak ?

David Davis is another matter entirely.
Let me start upfront by saying I'm an ex-Tory who now spoils his ballot so you all know where it's coming from.
Machiavellian eh ?
Yeah ! I reckon there's a fair bit of that in his decision.
Now that Kelvin MacKenzie, ex-editor of The Sun is going to stand against him with the backing of Rupert Murdoch and he's more
right wing than Maggie ever was, so...
What's in it for David Davis ?
One thing I have said for years is that whichever politician goes for 'the people' and not their party line is definitely an electable prospect but up until this time none have wished to go that route.
Think about the implications of that ?
He's doing the wartime Winston Churchill thing and IF it works then he'll be remembered for ever for doing so.
It would make him (whatever we all might now think of him ?) the 'People's Champion'.
Can we afford this ?
Davis is the one after all who wants to bring back hanging and while I honestly believe the 'people' want that back, I'm against it for one reason and one alone...
In two words: Timothy Evans.
Just the one innocent man and I wouldn't want the second on my conscience despite wanting some of our local lowlife strung up from the nearest lampost...
I understand why Cameron's pissed off because the power Davis could then wield is pretty immense and he couldn't afford that occuring.
This is going to be quite interesting. Watch the press and the Labour Party as the by-election gets nearer...
The more scared they are of the likely outcome, the more wild their 'allegations' and stories are going to be.
At present I'm all for him and wish him the best of luck in the outcome, but I'm gonna be watching pretty carefully...
It takes a hell of a lot for me to trust a major politician these days.

Before I go can I just say thank you to the Irish people for the result of their referendum.
It's nice to know that some people have integrity...

Anonymous said...

I’m not stupid, so I guess there could well be some political Machiavellian motive behind Davis’ decision. But when I listened to the (Admittedly, prepared) speech he gave it sounded like a man speaking from the heart.
My faith in human nature would be pretty dashed if I felt he was making it all up with some ulterior political motive in mind. But I know that that’s possible.

The media, including the Beeb, are being a but suspect again. Constantly using and encouraging the use of terms like ‘Barmy’, ‘Mad’, ’Has DD lost his marbles’, etc. when reporting the story.

If Labour want, as they always trot out as a mantra, a ‘Mature public debate’ on this one, they should put up a candidate so the debate can happen. Not just refuse to engage and dismiss it a ‘Stunt‘.
The fact that the only other high profile candidate standing is that twat who used to work for the Scum will just add to the spectacle that the press and opposition are keen for the By-election to be turned into.

I imagine Camaroon must be privately fuming. He had Brown on the ropes without doubt. This has put a big spoke in the momentum of pressure he was putting on him.

Chris Ripple said...

Agree with you 100% 'nonymous.
It would be nice to think that finally one 'so called' politician has actually got the courage of their convictions and is prepared to stand alone on a matter of principle.
I'm suspicious (some of which I've mentioned above) but I'm prepared to put those and all party considerations on one side until Davis proves that it is/was a 'stunt'.
If he is to be believed, and so far I do believe him, then he should be congratulated by every democratically inclined person in these Isles.

Just as a matter of interest, has anybody heard anything from those 30 odd Labour dissenters ?
Their silence on the issue is somewhat deafening...
I wonder if any of them are prepared to support him ?
I would hazard a guess that they haven't got the guts but I'd be really pleasantly suprised if one or more did.
That would do more for English politics than any amount of rhetoric ever did.