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Sunday, 22 June 2008

SWELL MAPS - "A real charge, from the radio" (John Peel Session Oct 1978)

Possibly one of the most influential bands to emerge from the punk scene; the SWELL MAPS. They’d been recording in their bedrooms in Leamington Spa since around 1973, it wasn’t until the advent of the Punk attitude of anyone can do it that the Swell Maps began releasing records, then there was no stopping ’em taking the DIY ethic and running with it until 1980 when they ceased to function as a band. Everyone should own at least one Swell Maps recording! In my opinion this Peel Session, from Oct 1978 is one of their best. Everything about the band is encapsulated in these 4 songs; from the rock’n’roll punk blasts of Read About Seymour and International Rescue to the darker drone of Harmony in My Bathroom. (Blur blatantly stole the riff to this and turned it into the one that goes “woo, hoo”) Full Moon In My Pocket goes all experimental and seguines into Blam. I have a feeling this recording may be light of Another Song, but hey I aint complaining. I’m indebted to wolf44 over at the Nikki Sudden forum for providing me with this session, and to the original uploader Save The Wail Productions for sharing it in the first place, without them I wouldn't have been able to pass it on to you good folk. I cant recomend this download enough, so here ya go………CATCH!


Anonymous said...

This is just a god send

planckzoo said...

Thanks for posting this, the Swell maps were amazing and this is a real find.

Anonymous said...



Marky Dread said...

Excellent stuff Nuzz been looking for this well chuffed haven't stopped playing it all morning cheers!

Nazz Nomad said...

muchos nachos!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff Nuzz. You put some great Nicki Sudden stuff up here. Top man.

PS Those lot on audioshare are a bunch of kunts!


Punkzer0 said...

HI Nuzz, excellent post, thanks v much.

You know me any Swell maps is cool, but this is really cool

Anonymous said...

ta fer this amigo
I've had all 3 sessions forever as multigeneration broadcast recordings - I've heard they're to be released 'professionally' this year but...
Nice stuff, great band